Niel Guilarte has had a love affair with movies for as long as he can remember and now he makes them for a living. As founder of his production company, Wildstyle Media Group, his podcast, All Things Post, and as a documentary film maker, Niel is the quintessential entrepreneur juggling multiple projects and tasks all at once and delivering quality content through various forms of media. Tune in to find out how he got started in film, how shooting homicide video for the police department helped hone his craft, how being a self-taught content creator didn’t stop him from going after his dreams and his previous life as a DJ and his love of freestyle music and vinyl records.

  • 05:20 – The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary and The Messengers Podcast
  • 06:57 – How Niel got involved with The Messengers film
  • 08:19 – Niel’s background
  • 15:48 – His most important film project
  • 19:15 – Our love of freestyle music, turntables, and vinyl records
  • 23:59 – How I used to schlep my DJ equipment around back in the day
  • 26:05 – Legends of Freestyle Podcast idea
  • 27:52 – Freestyle music – an audio history
  • 30:49 – Shooting homicide video for the Orlando Police Department and how it helped improve his craft
  • 37:16 – “Doing” in order to achieve your goals
  • 38:58 – Niel’s big year
  • 41:07 – Attracting the right people to detract “the haters”
  • 45:14 – Where his positive outlook comes from
  • 47:34 – Niel’s advice to the PJ tribe
  • 49:22 – “Leveling up” and mentoring others
  • 52:16 – The mentors who’ve helped shape his future
  • 54:15 – All Things Post Podcast
  • 55:29 – How he’s landing the big guests for his podcast
  • 01:00:44 – The one most misunderstood thing about him
  • 01:01:26 – What he’s changed his mind about recently
  • 01:02:42 – What his family means to him

Full Show Notes:

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