Jay Soderberg, a.k.a. PodVader, emerged from the radio broadcasting world and is now fully immersed in podcasting. He’s been the Head of Content at BlogTalkRadio since 2014 and previously worked at ESPN for 16 years, spending his last eight years there as the lead producer for all their podcasts. He is the host and founder of the Next Fan Up podcast and a big champion for independent podcasters. As Jay puts it, he’s “fighting for the little guy” so they all have a seat at the table when podcasting becomes too big for the world to ignore. Fortunately, BlogTalkRadio helps him advance this narrative by helping podcasters get better at what they do, grow their audience, and monetize their shows. I’m happy Jay entered the podcasting arena and confident that the future of podcasting will be better off because of him.

  • 07:01 – How he got the name, ‘PodVader’
  • 09:00 – How he’s seen podcasting explode and the corporate vs the independent podcast
  • 10:33 – What got him into podcasting and who influenced him early on
  • 13:53 – Eric Hutchinson’s theme song for the Fantasy Focus podcast
  • 15:06 – The Coke Zero campaign
  • 17:10 – How the audience driven Coke Zero ad got started
  • 19:19 – Matthew Berry’s background and podcasting experience
  • 22:42 – The “It” factor – what makes a great podcast
  • 25:13 – His love of radio, the “Lego Tapes” and his desire to become a radio broadcaster
  • 32:15 – Can radio and podcasting co-exist?
  • 34:37 – Adam Curry’s Podcaster Pro audio device
  • 39:49 – His time at ESPN and working for Andy Toh at Blog Talk Radio
  • 41:38 – Andy Toh as the Bill Belichick of podcasting
  • 44:30 – What does Blog Talk Radio do and how can it help podcasters?
  • 52:58 – Host read ads on Blog Talk Radio
  • 01:05:06 – The one most misunderstood thing about him
  • 01:05:58 – What he’s changed his mind about recently

Full Show Notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/jay-soderberg-interview

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