Amanda Doughty is the creator of the Great Beer Adventure podcast and a craft beer connoisseur. She travels with beer (sometimes on planes) to help show people just how great it is and documenting her adventures through her podcast. The Great Beer Adventure Podcast is more than just a tasting show, it dives deep into the hows and whys of craft brewing while spotlighting the individuals responsible for contributing to this growing movement.

  • 06:45 – Why she loves podcasting, craft beer and why she travels with beer
  • 08:02 – Her plans to start a TV show about craft beer
  • 10:35 – How her TV show would be different than other craft beer shows
  • 15:30 – My artsy Vampire movie picks
  • 17:23 – Stephen King fun fact and my love of his books
  • 19:45 – Crossing state lines with alcohol and Maine’s role in Prohibition
  • 23:38 – The reason she started the Great Beer Adventure podcast
  • 24:25 – How to seal your cooler when flying
  • 25:29 – Why it’s difficult to get a beer company to sponsor her podcast
  • 29:13 – The advertisers that are the best match for her show
  • 33:14 – Her podcast gear
  • 35:27 – The two different types of events she attends to showcase her podcast
  • 38:34 – The time I interviewed Danny Peña and the Gamertag Radio crew at CBS Studios
  • 40:07 – The best ever Show Notes and how she uses social media to grow her platform
  • 42:39 – Her thoughts on collaborating with other beer podcasts
  • 47:45 – Edible six-pack beer rings
  • 53:26 – Her first beer story
  • 59:13 – What sets the Great Beer Adventure apart from other beer shows
  • 01:02:28 – The one most misunderstood thing about her
  • 01:04:51 – What she’s changed her mind about recently

Full Show Notes:

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