I’m happy to have Rob Greenlee, the Head of Podcast Content at Spreaker back on the show to talk about all things podcasting. Rob is a seasoned podcaster and veteran in the podcasting space. He hosts the Spreaker Live Show and is the co-host of the New Media Show along with Todd Cochrane where they’ve been talking about what’s happening in podcasting for the past five years.

On today’s show, Rob shares with us what he sees happening in the world of podcasting and its future, the rise of podcasting events across the U.S. and abroad, the upcoming panels he’s moderating at this years Podcast Movement, and more superb insight about podcasting that you don’t want to miss.

  • 05:06 – The struggle of keeping up with your favorite podcasts
  • 07:18 – Why people lose interest in the podcasts they listen to
  • 10:41 – His podcast, The New Media Show with Todd Cochrane
  • 14:35 – The topics The New Media Show focuses on
  • 17:27 – The problem with Soundcloud as a podcasting platform
  • 20:20 – Podcast hosting companies and their commitment to podcasters
  • 22:11 – What Spreaker thinks about the future of podcasting
  • 24:51 – The rise of more and more podcast hosting platforms
  • 28:34 – The live podcasting space
  • 34:12 – The “explosion” of podcasting events in the U.S.
  • 36:11 – Radio vs Podcast content
  • 37:47 – Are music radio stations in trouble?
  • 38:44 – Podcast Movement Conference
  • 40:01 – The National Association of Broadcasters Conference courting podcasts
  • 42:43 – The panels he’s moderating at Podcast Movement 2017
  • 47:04 – The possibility of a universal format to export podcast episodes to other platforms
  • 49:13 – The Dynamic Ad Insertion tutorial training he’s helping lead at Podcast Movement
  • 50:16 – Are Dynamic Ad Insertions right for you and your podcast?
  • 53:39 – The growing number of new podcasters at podcasting conferences

Full Show Notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/rob-greenlee-interview

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