Joe Pardo is the host of The Business Podcast and co-creator of the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference or MAPCON which debuted in 2015.  Super Joe, as he’s currently referred to, is also the author of four books, a speaker, and has a knack for designing nifty t-shirts people want to wear. 

He was turned on to event planning from a young age watching his grandfather put on vendor events in the 80’s and he later started to put together his own LAN parties for video gamers.  After attending a conference in Florida and speaking with Lou Mongello and Jared Easley of Podcast Movement, he got the idea of starting his own podcasting conference for the entire Mid-Atlantic region.

  • 07:26 – The idea behind my Podcast Junkies t-shirts
  • 08:50 – Joe’s Mic Dropper shirt and creating shirts people want to wear
  • 11:18 – His MAPCON shirts
  • 14:01 – The origins of MAPCON
  • 22:37 – His knack for being a very generous host
  • 25:23 – What sets his conference apart from other podcast conferences
  • 26:43 – The “Dating Game” panel they created with podcast coaches & new podcasters
  • 28:13 – MAPCON’s, “Create a Podcast on the Fly” contest
  • 29:04 – One of the things he had to learn to improve MAPCON
  • 31:28 – Adding another day to MAPCON 2018
  • 32:54 – What drew him to DJ’ing early on in his life
  • 35:42 – When I first started DJ’ing
  • 38:46 – Joe’s Adventurtorium album and how it led him to start podcasting
  • 41:10 – His experience editing audio and how he got the idea for his podcast
  • 46:01 – The different types of series he’s done on his show
  • 47:29 – The new series he just launched
  • 49:21 – A common theme he’s noticed in his conversations on The Dreamers podcast
  • 51:57 – What drives him to keep writing books
  • 54:47 – His new book, Sales Won’t Save Your Business
  • 56:09 – Joe talks about the three other books he’s written
  • 1:00:14 – Joe’s two pieces of advice for content creators
  • 1:02:02 – Something he’s changed his mind about recently
  • 1:04:31 – The one most misunderstood thing about him

Full Show Notes:

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