When Travis Chappell decided to take a leap of faith and attend John Lee Dumas’s mastermind course where he spent a few days with him at his home in Puerto Rico, he underwent a mindset shift that changed the trajectory of his life and career. With the help of John and his mentor, Jeff Brown, Travis has gone on to to become a successful entrepreneur and podcaster.

His podcast, Build Your Network, focuses on teaching people how to build and grow long lasting, invaluable relationships by hearing from successful professionals who share their tips and tricks on expanding your network and meeting the individuals who can help you succeed in your life.

  • 04:18 – Travis sums up his podcasting experience in three words
  • 04:38 – What the hardest part of podcasting has been for him
  • 05:43 – How he connected with John Lee Dumas
  • 11:28 – The mindset shift he had while doing John’s mastermind that led him to where he is today
  • 15:13 – If he thought from the beginning that doing a show on networking would be the best fit for him
  • 19:29 – If he feels he’s gotten better at interviewing
  • 21:52 – How he ended up doing door to door sales
  • 24:26 – Why he believes he was so successful at door to door sales
  • 30:56 – The story of the first time he sold an alarm system
  • 32:18 – Where he gets his work ethic from
  • 38:47 – The problem he recently ran into with guests he booked for his show and how it turned out
  • 41:26 – The five minute rule he tries to live by
  • 45:00 – A relationship he’s had with a mentor that stands out to him
  • 51:09 – Something he’s changed his mind about recently

Full Show Notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/Travis-Chappell-interview

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