Kevin Halbrook and Jaime Ryan heard their local bar, Egan’s was closing. They both realized that they did not want the stories people made there to be lost. They set up a table to record at, and opened the mic up for the bar regulars to tell their tales.

I am so happy to welcome Kevin and Jaime to the show. We go over how Egan’s came into their lives, and what inspired them to record the bars stories. We discuss the equipment they bring, and how they chose which stories to share. Finally we discuss how the podcast affected their community, and their lives.

  • 02:00 – what inspired the Duo to create the podcast?
  • 09:15 – How Jaime found Egan’s
  • 11:00 – How the pair went about recording in Egan’s
  • 14:00 – How they chose which stories to publish
  • 15:30 – The gear they bring to Egan’s
  • 21:15 – How Jaime and Kevin met
  • 23:30 – How Kevin and Jaime work well together
  • 25:00 – The bargoers reactions to the podcast
  • 26:30 – The other podcasts Kevin listens to
  • 29:30 – The vast array of people interviewed at bars
  • 33:00 – The new owner of Egan’s
  • 42:30 – Kevin’s return to Egan’s

Full Show Notes:

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