Harry Duran welcomes to the podcast artist, entrepreneur, marketing expert, author, and fellow podcasters, Gregg Clunis. Gregg is the host of the podcast, Tiny Leaps, Big Changes, a show aimed at helping people become better versions of themselves. Gregg’s core philosophy centers on the idea that all big changes come from the tiny leaps you take every day. This idea has been transformative for Gregg in his personal and professional life and has led to a podcast, book and a thriving digital community spanning over 170 countries! In this episode, we talk all about Gregg’s eclectic background and the genesis of his podcast. Gregg speaks to the challenges he faced and the multiple shows he hosted before he hit his stride with Tiny Leaps, Big Changes. Gregg stresses the importance of audience feedback and speaks to the reason he reaches out to his podcast audience often. Gregg has cultivated his show around six core areas of life in order to provide variety and value for a broad audience. These six areas focus on fitness, nutrition, finances, career, relationships, and emotional and mental health. Gregg opens up about his own struggles with depression and discusses the value that therapy has brought to his life. Finally, Gregg discusses his mantra of getting the first win of the day and the integral role that momentum plays in his daily routine. 

02:22 – Harry thanks his sponsor, Focusrite 2i208:25 – Harry welcomes Gregg Clunis to the podcast 08:42 – Gregg’s backstory 10:55 – How Gregg got involved in podcasting 13:39 – Gregg’s art, design and marketing background 16:01 – Gregg’s love of painting 20:01 – The different editing software that Harry and Gregg utilize 21:44 – The progression of shows Gregg previously hosted24:29 – Gregg talks about the genesis of Tiny Leaps, Big Changes  29:20 – Challenges Gregg faced in producing Tiny Leaps 32:27 – The feedback Gregg received from his audience 34:32 – The six core areas of life that Gregg used to balance his podcast content 35:33 – The moment Gregg realized he wanted to focus on self-help 37:02 – How Gregg’s status as an immigrant influenced his success 39:59 – The incredible support Gregg received throughout his life 41:11 – Gregg talks about his upcoming projects 43:46 – Gregg’s history and struggle with depression 47:11 – Getting that first win of the day 49:23 – Harry and Gregg discuss the value of therapy 56:06 – Gregg talks about the mentors who have impacted his life 57:03 – The decision to hire an organizational coach 58:04 – What is something Gregg has changed his mind about recently 1:00:20 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Gregg 1:01:55 – Gregg promotes his book, Tiny Leaps, Big Changes 1:02:47 – Where listeners can follow Gregg

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