Harry Duran welcomes storyteller, professional speaker, bestselling author, and fellow podcaster, Kyle Gray. Kyle is an entrepreneur and bestselling author who helps startups and small businesses grow with content marketing strategies. He specializes in creating systematic processes and templates that are easy to implement and help grow businesses effectively. His book, The Story Engine, outlines the success he’s had in becoming a content-creation king. In this episode, we talk all about Kyle’s background creating meaningful and impactful content via blog posts, books, digital videos, podcasts, and much more. We learn about the genesis of The Story Engine Podcast, a show that teaches listeners how to make marketing easier, more powerful, and fun through storytelling. Kyle and Harry talk about the multi-faceted challenges that Kyle has faced as a podcaster. One key challenge is noting the subtle nuances between creating content via the written word versus the spoken word. Kyle discusses how much he has grown as a host and interviewer and the approach he takes to interviewing his guests. Harry and Kyle both provide examples of tools they utilize to enhance their interviewing experience. Kyle stresses the importance of drawing boundaries with guests and being mindful of the listener. Finally, he breaks down the key points of his Harvest Method blog post, an in-depth piece of content he created that has yielded tremendous results.

03:38 – Harry welcomes Kyle Gray to the podcast05:08 – How Kyle met Harry08:15 – Kyle’s background prior to podcasting11:25 – The early stages of The Story Engine Podcast16:25 – The differences between creating content via the written word and the spoken word19:23 – Kyle talks about how his blog post on The Harvest Method led to a collaboration21:57 – The importance of continuously adding value24:49 – How Kyle has grown as a host and an interviewer27:59 – Understanding where to draw boundaries with guests31:00 – Tools Harry utilizes when interviewing for podcasts33:36 – Techniques Kyle utilizes while producing his podcast37:06 – Kyle explains the four steps of The Harvest Method46:22 – How Kyle updates his content48:37 – Kyle’s educational and travel background51:06 – Kyle discusses the books he has authored57:45 – He shares a unique case study from The Harvest Method1:00:55 – What is something Kyle has changed his mind about recently?1:02:10 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Kyle?1:03:56 – Where listeners can follow Kyle

Full show notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/189

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