04:26 – Harry welcomes Gordon Firemark to the podcast
04:48 – Gordon talks about the technology he uses to record on
05:35 – Gordon’s theatre background
09:22 – Tips Gordon would give to podcasters who use multiple microphones
10:39 – Gordon and Harry discuss their favorite theatre shows
13:21 – Continuation errors in television and movies
14:34 – Gordon’s legal background
15:30 – What Gordon learned from working in the entertainment industry
16:20 – Entering into entertainment law
19:11 – Why Gordon prefers to work alone
20:06 – The first time Gordon heard the term ‘podcast’
21:14 – The inspiration behind Gordon’s podcast
24:15 – Harry urges the audience to listen to The Feed Podcast
26:01 – The specific format of Gordon’s podcast
28:39 – The relationship with the listener
30:14 – Gordon discusses interacting with listeners of his podcast
31:09 – How Tamara became Gordon’s co-host
34:33 – The dynamic between Gordon and Tamara
38:05 – How Gordon decides which stories get coverage on his podcast
39:48 – Recent cases that Gordon has been covering
43:07 – Gordon discusses representing podcasters
45:02 – The biggest legal misconceptions podcasters have about copyrights
47:29 – Harry talks about one of his clients who wanted to use a specific song in his podcast
50:13 – Gordon speculates about a second podcast project he may pursue
51:56 – What is something Gordon has changed his mind about recently
53:20 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Gordon
54:52 – Where listeners can follow Gordon and his podcast

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