03:18 – Harry welcomes Jim Beach to the podcast
03:56 – The genesis of Jim’s podcast, School for Startups Podcast
07:13 – How Jim was introduced to podcasting
09:08 – Early concerns Jim had about podcasting
13:39 – Why Jim chose to commit to a daily show
14:43 – Jim’s workflow
18:49 – The difficult task of measuring success rates
20:13 – Jim talks about Cyber Ears, the hosting platform he utilizes
23:48 – Jim recalls the first podcasting event he attended
26:53 – The Small Pond strategy
29:08 – Harry’s opinions on podcast consumption
33:16 – A recent report on podcasts from Edison Research
33:50 – Jim talks about his love and passion for entrepreneurship
37:34 – The Pakistan Furniture business challenge
43:13 – The genesis of the School for Startups book
46:15 – Jim speaks to having a short memory when it comes to his interviews
47:39 – What motivates Jim to continue having conversations
49:02 – What Jim looks for in a prospective interviewee
52:44 – The transcription service that Harry uses
53:19 – What keeps Jim motivated
55:28 – Why Jim chose to keep politics out of his show
55:59 – The importance of creating a personal connection with the audience
57:36 – What is something Jim has changed his mind about recently
59:18 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Jim
1:00:13 – Where listeners can follow Jim and his podcast

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