04:34 – Harry welcomes Zach and Rock to the podcast
04:49 – How Harry met Zach and Rock
06:50 – Attending Podcast Movement
08:06 – The genesis of SquadCast
12:06 – How Rock got involved in SquadCast
15:13 – Working out the bugs
16:52 – The Bootstrap Startup
17:33 – Leaving a steady paycheck to work on SquadCast fulltime
21:41 – Initial intentions for SquadCast
25:24 – The importance of the podcasting community
29:08 – Harry talks about the supportive nature of the podcasting community
31:03 – Lessons learned throughout the podcasting process
32:02 – How Zach and Rock first met
36:42 – The importance of shared vision and communication
39:50 – How trust and complementary skills are key success factors for Zach and Rock
41:08 – Zach shares his biggest fear
43:19 – Rock shares his biggest fear
45:26 – What inspired Zach and Rock to start their own podcast, Between 2 Mics
48:41 – What Rock has learned from being a podcast host
51:26 – What is something Zach has changed his mind about recently
52:57 – What is something Rock has changed his mind about recently
54:54 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Zach
57:08 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Rock
59:45 – Zach and Rock share a special promo code for Podcast Junkies listeners
1:00:43 – Where listeners can follow Zach, Rock and SquadCast

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