04:14 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, Jay Clouse

04:46 – How Harry met Jay

06:11 – The inspiration to start the podcast, Upside

08:42 – How Jay attracted guests to his podcast

12:14 – The dynamic of having a co-host

14:17 – Harry and Jay talk about the podcasts that they enjoy

18:28 – The evolution of podcasting

23:54 – Harry talks about his continual passion for podcasting

27:52 – Jay’s prediction for the future of podcasting

32:07 – Harry discusses seasonal podcasts that perform well

35:02 – Jay’s educational background

38:04 – Jay’s current career ventures

39:09 – Jay speaks to Upside’s path to profitability

40:42 – How Jay engages sponsors in conversation

44:42 – Harry expounds on dynamic geotargeted and programmatic ads

50:05 – How Jay has grown and evolved as a podcast host

52:13 – Jay shares how he utilizes the tool, Air Table

55:42 – What is something Jay has changed his mind about recently

1:00:58 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Jay

1:02:04 – Where listeners can follow Jay


“I’m kind of a student of interviewing at this point, and the interviewers that I hate are the ones that talk so much.” (13:06)

“If you’re trying to get a slice of that attention from people, the shorter your show, the easier it is for them to stomach.” (21:36)

“You’re giving away the best secret of podcasting, which is that you win just by doing the act and meeting the people. It’s such a phenomenal networking hack.” (26:00)

“I’m a dabbler. I’m a professional dabbler.” (39:06)

“We’re just getting better and better at forming relationships with people in a short period of time.” (51:04)

“Entrepreneurship is a grind.” (59:03)


Focusrite – Makers of my go-to sound card, the Scarlett 2i2

Aweber – Hosts of the Beyond the Podcast Summit


Jay’s Website

Jay’s Podcast

Jay’s LinkedIn

Jay’s Facebook

Jay’s Twitter – @jayclouse

Jay’s Instagram – @jayclouse

Podcast Movement Website

Link to Upside/Taft Collaboration

Link to Upside/Integrity Power Search Collaboration

Link to Air Table Tool



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