02:18 – Harry welcomes back to the podcast, Patrick Keller

02:44 – Patrick talks to Harry about being a recurring guest

04:22 – Patrick talks about his show, Big Séance

07:03 – Patrick’s opinion on having return guests

09:41 – How the conversation changes between Patrick and his return guests

12:53 – The importance of attracting diverse guests

14:23 – Building a community with a podcast

18:20 – How Patrick’s podcast listening habits have changed

21:32 – Harry and Patrick share their thoughts on the impact podcasts have on our brains

26:26 – The genesis of Patrick’s paranormal podcast

30:50 – Harry provides his opinions on the paranormal connection to our world

33:51 – Patrick discusses paranormal topics he’s covered on his show

34:55 – The natural evolution Harry and Patrick have undergone as podcast hosts

38:58 – Feedback Patrick has gotten from the LGBT community

41:45 – Patrick’s thoughts on expanding his podcast and becoming a speaker

43:31 – Patrick talks about possibly writing a book in conjunction with his podcast

44:21 – Imposter Syndrome

47:43 – The future of Big Séance Podcast

51:20 – Patrick picks the retention hashtag for this episode of Podcast Junkies

51:51 – Harry thanks Patrick for being a super fan of Podcast Junkies

53:10 – Patrick takes a moment to thank Harry as well

54:06 – What is something Patrick has changed his mind about recently

55:56 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Patrick

57:15 – Patrick provides some movie recommendations

58:31 – Where listeners can follow Patrick

59:46 – Intro music from Patrick’s podcast


“I’ve always said that my podcast was anything that pops up in my paranormal world.” (09:10)  

“Are we ever gonna find that having podcasts nonstop in our ears at two times speed or three times speed is scrambling our brains or preventing us from focusing? Is it adding to the whole can’t put the phone down?” (23:18)  

“There has been what I call a paranormal craze that lasted I think about fifteen years and it’s probably still going but I feel like it’s fading out a little bit.” (27:49)  

“I like to say that I’m fifty percent skeptic on just about everything.” (37:24)  

“I got really passionate about telling a story and having the podcast be kind of like an arc.” (48:40) 


Focusrite – Makers of my go-to sound card, the Scarlett 2i2

Aweber – Hosts of the Beyond the Podcast Summit


Patrick’s Website

Patrick’s Podcast

Patrick’s Facebook

Patrick’s Twitter – @BigSeance 

Podfest Website

Podcast Movement Website


The Uninvited

The Changeling

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