02:25 – Harry welcomes back to the podcast, Stefanie LaHart

03:03 – How Harry met Stefanie

09:08 – Social media, veganism and gaming

12:34 – Where Stefanie honed her digital skills

14:33 – Stefanie talks about getting involved in vampire and gothic chat rooms on the Internet

16:07 – A gaming nerd at heart

20:11 – Stefanie recalls favorite books from her childhood

25:14 – The power of pets as influencers

29:37 – Moving from Philadelphia to Los Angeles

32:47 – Stefanie’s experience working as a reporter in the music industry

37:03 – How Stefanie got involved in podcasting

42:34 – The genesis of Stefanie’s Tradigital podcast

49:15 – The natural evolution Stefanie has undergone as a podcast host

51:28 – Stefanie speaks out against the current social engineering scams

56:05 – Why Stefanie has been listening to privacy podcasts

58:11 – Stefanie recommends some podcasts to the audience

1:02:01 – Phone porting, explained

1:05:05 – What is something Stefanie has changed her mind about recently

1:06:01 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Stefanie

1:08:53 – Where listeners can follow Stefanie


“I loved realizing that my fantasy world could be a reality. Because I read a lot as a kid. I was always a reader. I mean I was one of the kids that would stay up until like 5 am because I had to finish a book and then have to be up for school and be exhausted.” (19:47)

“We all have the fairy tales in our heads too about Hollywood and L.A. So you kinda get off the plane with this stardust in your eyes.” (30:49)

“Podcast killed the video star.” (41:22)

“I’m Stefanie. My podcast is The Tradigital Podcast. It’s the intersection of where traditional PR meet digital marketing, and people are like ‘Oh my God, tell me more!’ And that’s how it all started.” (45:37)

“We do have so much information about ourselves out there that we’re all potential targets for social engineering now.” (52:00)

“The two ways that you can instantly trigger people is through fear factors of money or death.”


Focusrite – Makers of my go-to sound card, the Scarlett 2i2

Aweber – Hosts of the Beyond the Podcast Summit


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