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“There’s something that we’ve learned which is when you build a tool that has elements of magic, people start expecting the entire thing to be magic.” (09:36)

“‘Deep Fake’ is the broader term that people use to talk about A.I.-generated media that’s simulating a person somehow.” (13:09)

“My job as a CEO is not to have ideas. I feel like I’m doing my job well when I don’t have any good ideas and they’ve all been covered by the team.” (20:21)

“That’s the most fun part of the company is trying to figure out, ‘How can we make the workflow of our customers even more efficient and faster? How can we make this tool even more expressive?’” (24:59)

“Let’s just say there’s a checkered history of pre-launch companies raising thirty, forty, fifty, a hundred million dollars. That would terrify me. I like the idea of doing something that’s kinda small and getting out there to get market validation before you are responsible for that much of someone’s money.” (29:57)

“I’m a believer in not polluting the world with more random opinions from people who don’t matter.” (32:28)

“Audio is the easiest form of content to create; you just open your mouth. But it’s probably the hardest to edit, and Overdub will change that.” (37:11)


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