01:25 – This episode is sponsored by Focusrite 2i2

07:08 – We learn how Eric got involved in the podcast industry

22:33 – What is Eric shares his unique approach to finding and attracting guests to his podcast

26:40 – The biggest fears Eric had overcame as a podcast host

27:25 – How Eric prepares for his guest and other secret tactics he utilizes

29:29 – Eric walks us through a typical interview flow

34:15 – Why researching your guest is so critical as a podcast host

43:50 – The important of building relationships with your audience and guests

45:14 – Eric’s motivation to continue his podcast and how he’s grown as a host

52:18 – Eric talks about his second podcast, Portmanteau

1:07:38 – How listeners can connect with Eric


“I finally got motivated enough [to start a podcast] because I got annoyed with somebody.” (19:28)

“I almost was ok if he [Jordan Harbinger] never came on because just the fact that he was going to come on gave me the confidence, gave me the courage to go after other people.” (26:05)

“A lot of it is I have a hook, ya know. I’m trying to find a way to get to the guest. And by that I mean not to irritate them necessarily, but if I can get them to either laugh, startle them, confuse them, or do something I will have engagement.” (31:45)

“While I want to ask a probing question or a difficult question, it is always in the service of the overall interview.” (44:09)

“I would like this [podcasting] to become my actual gig. I love it that much. I love the communication. Every interview is a dance. Every interview is also uncomfortable. But that’s good.” (45:33)

“Ironically, I enjoy talking to somebody in a pub equally as much as an interview.” (48:39)


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