02:11 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, Scott Gurian

04:32 – Scott’s education and background in radio

11:28 – Scott recounts his travels that brought him from New Jersey to Oklahoma and back to New Jersey again

16:12 – What Scott learned by reporting on Superstorm Sandy

25:00 – How Scott started his Far From Home Podcast

35:45 – Concerns Scott had with podcasting in foreign countries

41:50 – Scott talks about editing and reediting the footage from his trip to produce his podcast

48:54 – The initial response to Scott’s podcast

50:21 – Scott speaks to a second season of his podcast and what he’s learned about the differences between radio and podcasting

55:11 – What is something Scott has changed his mind about recently

57:23 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Scott

1:01:57 – Harry thanks Scott for joining the show

1:02:13 – Where listeners can follow Scott


“I think the goal should be to just sound like a normal human being talking, and not to sound like you’re performing.” (07:19)

“It [Superstorm Sandy] was the most amazing reporting experiences I’ve ever had. I feel bad saying that, but it was really cool to be thrown in the middle of something like that.” (17:52)

“I don’t think I ever really felt in danger. As you mentioned, it was just bad timing in the summer of 2016. We ended up at the border to enter to Turkey six days after the attempted coup.” (36:13)

“I try to be as visual as possible. They talk about radio or podcasting being a visual medium, which sounds weird, but in some ways it really is. It’s way more intimate than television or video.” (44:08)

“People who’ve told me just like over the course of a weekend or whatever I listened to all twelve hours of your first season, it just warms my heart. I love hearing that kinda thing cause that’s why I made it.” (49:52)

“I think audio’s important. You can have the most interesting content in the world, but if it’s recorded poorly I just can’t listen.” (54:46)

“So, I’m just trying to let people know, I think, through all of my stories that yes the world isn’t a big bad scary place, and that wherever I go people are people and people are generally good.” (1:01:33)


Focusrite – Makers of my go-to sound card, the Scarlett 2i2

Aweber – Hosts of the Beyond the Podcast Summit


Scott’s Website

Scott’s Instagram – @farfromhomepodcast 

Scott’s Facebook

Scott’s Vimeo

Scott’s Twitter – @scottgurian

Scott’s Far From Home Podcast

Podcast Movement Website

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