03:38 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, Sachit Gupta

04:27 – The genesis of Sachit’s podcast journey

07:02 – The decision to move to San Francisco

09:26 – A fun story about ball bearings and how Sachit became an entrepreneur

14:59 – Harry and Sachit discuss culture shock

17:19 – What Sachit learned from working with Andrew Warner on his show, Mixergy

22:24 – Branching out to work with other podcasters

26:55 – Lessons Sachit has learned from collaborating with a wide array of podcasters

32:12 – The moment Sachit realized he wanted to become a podcaster

34:15 – The process of constructing a show name, concept and guests for Sachit’s podcast

37:37 – Sachit’s interview preparation process

41:45 – What motivates and drives Sachit

45:06 – What Sachit has learned as he proceeds with his show, Conscious Creators Show

49:04 – Mentors that have been influential in Sachit’s life and career

50:10 – Sachit shares three tactical strategies for increased success

51:46 – What is something that Sachit has changed his mind about recently

54:01 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Sachit

54:41 – Harry thanks Sachit for joining the show

54:58 – Where listeners can follow Sachit


“One thing I would add to that is also just growing up in India and moving to the U.S., the more you do it [move] the more you get used to it. And I think that actually translates a lot to the work that I do because when you move from one place to another, it questions a lot of assumptions that you have.” (15:31)

“People miss that the creators that you are passionate about, they actually like hearing stories of people using their stuff.” (25:10)

“What I realized is that people who are the top or the best, they know what they’re good at and for everything else they find people who are good at what they do, and then they give them the room to do it.” (29:03)

“I think it’s the idea of being prepared. To me, when I see people who aren’t prepared I’m like, ‘That’s one thing that’s under your control.’” (43:59)

“It’s (podcasting) just so early where I think people think that everyone has the answers. They don’t. Most people are still experimenting and what’s going to be pioneered in the next five to ten years, is gonna be insane.” (52:25)




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