01:07 – Harry takes a moment to remember James Lipton 

01:50 – Focusrite announces a new $2300 Podcast Studio Makeover promotion

02:38 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, Juan Sepulveda

05:53 – Juan describes the various trinkets and artifacts he has in his podcast studio 

07:23 – Juan’s background, roots and love of art 

14:46 – Juan recalls receiving the honor of Hispanic Artist of the Year in 2018

16:59 – How Juan first got into podcasting and started his first podcast, The Winding Stairs 

22:14 – The decision to start The Masonic Roundtable Podcast 

25:06 – How Juan discovered Freemasonry 

27:33 – Common misconceptions about The Free Masons 

32:47 – The mission of The Gentlemen’s Brotherhood Podcast 

36:08 – The desire and motivation to be a better man 

40:49 – Juan shares his views on parenting 

47:45 – How the remote podcast medium opens the door to physical community 

49:13 – Juan’s growth as a podcast interviewer and host 

53:11 – What excites Juan about the future of his podcasts 

56:02 – What is something that Juan has changed his mind about recently 

58:01 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Juan

1:01:43 – Where listeners can follow Juan

1:02:23 – Harry thanks Juan for joining the show

1:02:56 – Harry thanks his sponsors once more


“I feel very fortunate that I am naturally inquisitive. I don’t like sitting down and waiting for people to give me things or offer me things. I like actually taking that first step and being the one that is asking.” (11:33)

“Part of the mission of us with The Winding Stairs and The Masonic Roundtable is to actually dispel some of these myths.” (28:07)

“I do think as we work together to actually embrace that kind of awakening – that kind of spiritual uplifting – we have to manage that transition or that interaction with our fellow man in a prudent kind of way.” (32:47)

“This remote connection we have through the podcast medium, it’s a very powerful one, but it’s one that opens the door to that physical community.” (47:45)

“Can we expect our kids to grow up to be great men if the role models they’re looking up to are celebrities, sports figures, musicians? There has to be more resources.” (55:04)




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