02:56 – Harry discusses the timely topic of coronavirus and wishes everyone the best of health

04:14 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, James Cridland

06:48 – James’ take on the state of the podcasting industry 

10:39 – The growth and differentiation of podcast hosting companies

13:19 – James’ thoughts on ‘easy podcast’ platforms and reducing the barriers to entry for new podcasters 

20:29 – James’ background, roots and love of technology 

27:40 – James’ first memories of the Internet 

29:40 – The origins of James’ first radio newsletter and how it led to James’ eventual involvement in podcasting 

40:21 – How PodNews has grown and ad monetization 

46:53 – Feedback James has gotten from businesses he’s worked with 

55:52 – How media companies are attempting to catch up in the world of podcasting

1:00:13 – James and Harry give their thoughts on podcast advertising 

1:05:40 – James speaks to the work he’s doing with open standards in podcasting 

1:10:09 – What excites James about the future of the podcasting industry


“I’m absolutely all for getting as many people podcasting as possible. I think it’s a really good thing.”

“I was always really interested, really excited about what you could do with in terms of audio, what you could do in terms of reaching people broadcasting which podcasting is a part of.”

“And I remember sitting there going, ‘Wow, this is amazing. I am in here in Yorkshire, England and I’m connected to a computer run by NASA. And I can see a picture that’s loading very slowly of the space shuttle. How exciting is this?’”

“I think it’s important to look at the podcasting space to try and give something for everybody.”

“I didn’t want people to leave reading that newsletter and think, ‘My God, it’s full of ads.’”

“Podcasting at the moment is earning six hundred million dollars in the U.S. every year. Apple earns six hundred million dollars every seven hours. So really, how important is podcasting to Apple?”

“I think that we just need to, occasionally, break things in order to move forward and to change the way that we do things.”




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