06:00 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, Ian Gaines who shares his podcasting genesis story 

12:40 – Ian’s Immigration Nerds Podcast, his approach to podcasting and the impact immigration has on our everyday lives 

22:58 – Ian reflects on his career trajectory 

31:56 – How Ian’s passion overcame his uncertainty and led to sustained success 

35:53 – Ian breaks down his team at Erickson Immigration Group

37:54 – Ian recalls one of the most memorable moments from a recent interview he conducted 

43:25 – Ian’s growth as a podcast interviewer 

50:18 – What drives Ian and where he got this motivation 

55:00 – What is something that Ian has changed his mind about recently

56:12 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Ian

57:14 – Harry thanks Ian for joining the show and where listeners can follow Ian


“What is the difference between really compelling storytelling and just people sitting down and just chatting, just talking. So, for me, I’m trying to build a full story arc. And when I’m sitting down and interviewing a guest I’m trying to get into ‘What is the core message? What is the core takeaway?’”

“That [passion] was the only thing that was driving me. I didn’t know if I was gonna be successful at it. I still don’t know even know. I’m just always improving, always trying to raise the level each time.”

“It’s kinda cliché. For 2020, I said that motivation is dead for 2020. I don’t wanna hear any more motivation quotes. I’m motivation quote’d out. That’s all y’all got is words.”

“Until we get to that point…I’m gonna do everything I can do to break in here in this facet. So, immigration, what voice would not be better for this? Young, youthful, forward-thinking, inquisitive, really want to get to the facts, really want to understand what’s going on in this world and how, as a globe, that we can better understand each other.”


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