06:00 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, Noah Labhart who speaks to his podcasting genesis story 

14:28 – How Noah mapped out his vision and plan for the Code Story podcast 

22:33 – Noah speaks to how he formats his podcast, including length, production and promotions 

25:46 – How Noah has grown more confident as a podcast host 

29:31 – Noah’s background in technology 

33:50 – Noah talks about his own startup, Veryable, and the initial response he received in the marketplace 

43:01 – Noah’s future plans for the growth of Veryable and the Code Story podcast 

47:03 – What is something that Noah has changed his mind about recently

48:32 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Noah

48:49 – Harry thanks Noah for joining the show and where listeners can follow Noah


“Even, tactically, the first question I ask is, ‘Tell me about you outside of tech.’ It’s something that I use to write the intro. I don’t ever put it into the episode. It’s really just a way for us to warm up with each other, and talk about life, and get acquainted, and sort of connect a little bit before we start talking about the product.”

“I’d say, stereotypically in the tech world, we’re not known for being the best communicators. And I’d say that’s true for me. And so, the idea of talking confidently in a microphone and communicating and elaborating in a clear way was difficult for me.”

“I think it’s interesting, people that I have experienced that have done tech for a long time really get tech because they’re really smart people. But they do have a hard time explaining it. They do have a hard time relating to the masses of how most people see tech.”

“I wish that we [Veryable] had a bigger footprint right now; we don’t. We’re just young and our footprint, we’re happy with it, but we wish we had a bigger footprint so we could help out further.”




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