06:00 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, Tyler Martin who shares his creative background in theatre, how he got involved in podcasting and the genesis of his podcast, Have a Blessed Gay 

17:46 – Early challenges Tyler had to overcome while starting his web series and podcast 

22:40 – Tyler details the amount of preparation and research that goes into each episode and lessons Tyler has learned from the guests he has interviewed 

31:09 – Tyler speaks to the reception Have a Blessed Gay has received, the need for conversations around LGBTQ issues and his own coming out experience 

42:56 – What is something that Tyler has changed his mind about recently and what is the most misunderstood thing about Tyler 

48:40 – Harry thanks Tyler for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can follow him


“There’s a ton of spiritual podcasts out there, right? There’s a ton of religious podcasts out there. And even a couple very Christian-centric gay podcasts out there, actually. But none that were doing it in the way that the web series was doing it, which was taking a more comedic approach to the subject matter.” (16:53)

“I do think coming from a theatre and acting background – being able to access emotions like that and really call upon that empathy tool that you so develop working as an actor – has been really helpful.” (20:18)

“Everyone is so different when it comes to religion and spirituality, especially with the guests that I’ve had. They completely range all over the map. And so, each episode is so different because each of the people is so different and their backgrounds completely vary from one another. And I think that’s really neat.” (27:24)

“A major thing has just been – and I don’t think this is revolutionary – it has meant a lot for people to hear that there is a difference between religion and spirituality.” (32:06)

“Since I could really conceive that I thought the church thought it was wrong, which would have been around nine or ten, I started research at that age trying to figure out if homosexuality was a sin or not. And no ten year old should be doing that. That is just so awful to me but that was the environment I was in.” (38:41)

“If we are part of the universe and if we are created by something – whatever you believer in – then I think one of the highest forms of worship is to be good to ourselves because we are a part of that. You wouldn’t scoff at a Creator’s creation if you wanted to worship that Creator. And so, treat yourself well because in treating yourself well you’re gonna be treating whatever you believe in well.” (46:06)


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