06:00 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, Mollie McGlocklin who shares her background in sleep optimization, her podcast genesis story and lessons she has learned throughout her journey 

11:59 – What Mollie has learned from being a guest on multiple podcasts and how she has applied that to her own show 

16:28 – Mollie speaks to how she originally got involved in sleep optimization 

23:52 – Mollie lists some common issues people have with sleep and provides strategies she utilizes with her clients 

32:06 – How our environment impacts our sleep and what we can do about it 

36:57 – The inspiration to start her newsletter, Mollie’s Monday Obsessions, and podcast, Sleep Is a Skill 

44:23 – What excites Mollie the most about the future of her podcast 

49:43 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Mollie and something that Mollie has changed her mind about recently 

56:46 – Harry thanks Mollie for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can follow her


“I’m learning that it [podcasting] really is a bit of an art form for people that you can continue to improve on, which I think is really fascinating.” (15:18)

“The ability to augment our days is really much more of a newer phenomenon, particularly to the levels that we’re doing now.” (23:27)

“Melatonin is the known as the hormone of darkness so that when darkness is present, that’s one of the most important cues for the body to create that.” (33:09)

“I really do feel very mission driven with this area because I can’t believe how many things I didn’t know about what can impact sleep.” (39:26)

“Our intention is to ensure that we’re leaving each person that’s listening with some sort of practical takeaways that they can ideally use tonight to help improve their sleep.” (43:54)

“I’m really grateful for the podcast platform because so many people that have come my way right now. So much of it has been organic traffic from listening from when I’ve been on another podcast.” (53:19)





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