06:00 – Harry welcomes Racheal Cook to the podcast to discuss her entrepreneurial journey, the Promote Yourself to CEO podcast and the Fired Up & Focused Challenge 

12:54 – Racheal speaks to how she was able to build such a loyal and interactive community and provides best practices for networking 

25:43 – Racheal opens up about her own struggles with burnout as an entrepreneur 

31:16 – Racheal talks about her self-care practice and routines 

39:18 – Meal prepping amidst a pandemic, decision fatigue and the importance of creating habits 

46:56 – The evolution of Racheal’s podcast 

52:54 – Racheal provides an example of a challenge series she recently ran 

57:08 – Racheal discusses another program she offers, The CEO Collective 

57:41 – How Racheal has grown as a podcast host 

1:01:42 – What is something that Racheal has changed her mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about Racheal 

1:04:58 – Harry thanks Racheal for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can connect with her 


“That was such a huge thing for me because I decided I was gonna put it all up on a podcast feed. And people started finding me from it. I was shocked that they were finding this podcast feed that was just about productivity and then reaching out and connecting with me. I thought to myself, this the direction I should go now.” (12:31)  

“I very much want to make sure that, when I create a piece of content, you do the hard work once and then you repurpose it and make it work hard for you.” (14:27)  

“Facilitating introductions is a huge part of what I have found to be great networking.” (20:06)  

“There is a consequence for working eighty hours a week, grinding it out, living in your car, never seeing your family, never working out, only eating junk food and never really taking care of your mental, physical or emotional health.” (27:11)  

“Self-care is about managing my nervous system. I’ve got to manage my nervous system because if I don’t my brain cannot function.” (31:38)  

“Right now, with all that’s going on with the world, we need to take the pressure off. And if you can afford to hire some help, it’s totally worth it.” (41:55)  

“The research shows COVID-19 disproportionately has affected women – working moms in particular.” (43:44)  

“I figure if Guy Raz can republish episodes of How I Built This then I can too.” (1:00:17)





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