06:00 – Dustin Miller joins the show to share his background as a polymath, his passion for business and future tech and explains what a polymath is  

13:19 – Where Dustin came up with the idea for PolyInnovator and best practices for navigating his website  

16:52 – Dustin speaks to current projects he’s working on and what inspired him to start a podcast  

21:18 – How Dustin structures the content on his Polymath Podcast and how he’s grown as a podcast host and interviewer  

30:06 – Dustin opens up about a little known fact about himself and a recent existential crisis he experienced  

43:54 – A recent guest who Dustin found incredibly fascinating  

46:01 – How Dustin consistently challenges himself to be a better host and content creator

49:11 – Dustin shares his long-term vision for the future of his work and strategies for avoiding burnout  

56:33 – What is something that Dustin has changed his mind about recently, the most misunderstood thing about him and who is inspiring Dustin currently    

58:53 – Harry thanks Dustin for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can follow him  


“Personally, I define a polymath as someone who’s a multi-specialist. The traditional textbook definition is someone who has learned and is interested in many different areas. And that means a deep level of knowledge.” (11:49)

“When I find people to interview, the thing I look for is if they’re multidisciplinary. So, if they have a main specialty and they’re a specialist – even a hyper specialist – they’re bound to have some sort of hobby or maybe they’re a podcaster like us.” (18:09)

“One of my main endeavors right now is trying to get this idea of a multidisciplinary spectrum out there.” (22:22)

“I would honestly say I have often gotten a lot of existential crises. And it’s hard to deal with those, especially when they hit you hard.” (33:59)

“First and foremost, I love learning. And since I couldn’t find a college that I wanted to go to, I pursued my own education and self-development.” (38:03)

“Being a polymath individually is gonna have a lot of different topics. Having a group of polymaths means there’s an exponential amount of topics.” (47:55)

“Hustling too hard is ok as long as you know how to rest and take care of yourself.” (52:06)





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