06:00 – Harry welcomes Evo Terra back to the podcast recap his journey traveling abroad and what brought him back home 

10:14 – Evo speaks to the decision to leave corporate life and start his own podcast consulting company 

17:32 – How Evo structures his work week and how he’s constantly learning from new generations 

24:25 – Evo speaks to the mental shift that has come with age 

30:02 – The importance of slowing down from time to time 

31:33 – Evo talks about his show, Podcast Pontifications and what goes into the production process 

41:53 – Evo speaks to the benefits of having such a meticulous and specific process 

43:43 – How comedians have influenced Evo’s podcasting style 

53:59 – Evo speculates on the future of podcasting 

57:18 – Harry thanks Evo for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can connect with him 

58:14 – Something Evo has changed his mind about recently


“The biggest thing I miss from traveling abroad is not being the weirdo. What I mean by that is every country I go to, I’m able to just sit on a bus, on a train, in a coffee shop, and the words around me aren’t words that I’m used to hearing. And, to me, to be able to disappear into that strangeness is great.” (07:56)

“I have always tried to be cognizant of the fact that I may have the knowledge and the skills, but I don’t have the only way to do things. So I always like to learn from a generation or two or three below me. The way you’re doing things is the way things will be done. What I’m doing now is going to fade away and I get that. So, I’ve always tried to be open to doing things the new generation’s way.” (22:23)

“For all the new podcast listeners out there, my ten minute long episode takes me three and a half hours to produce.” (35:12)

“Comedians, their delivery is the greatest thing. It’s all about timing and building anticipation. So, when I am in presentation mode, you get a very different Evo than you’re getting right here. When I’m performing, I role back onto those people who are true performers.” (44:58)

“Being able to generate content that is specific to you, where you are, or things important in your life that comes in different than things that are important to me, that’s pretty cool.” (52:30)





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