Harry welcomes to the show, entrepreneur, podcaster and proponent of social impact and sustainability, Corinna Bellizzi. Corinna is the host of Care More Be Better: A Social Impact + Sustainability Podcast, a show that shares the stories of inspired people that are committed to social good.


In this episode, Harry and Corinna engage in a meaningful examination of social impact and the growing need for positive change. Corinna opens up about her podcast journey, how she formats her episodes and how she identifies which guests to interview. They go on to talk about Corinna’s passion for cars, something she’s changed her mind about recently and the ethos of her podcast.




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06:36 – Harry welcomes to the show Corinna Bellizzi, who speaks to the impact the global pandemic had on her and the work she’s doing with her podcast

14:00 – Motherhood, work, graduate school and power outages

16:54 – Lessons Corinna has learned from the Care More Be Better Podcast

19:53 – The inspiration to launch A Growing Need and Corinna’s passion for social impact and sustainability

30:30 – The ethos of Corinna’s podcast and how she identifies potential interviewees

39:27 – Corinna reflects on her early days of podcasting

46:40 – Corinna’s dream car

50:27 – Something Corinna has changed her mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about her

56:05 – Harry thanks Corinna for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can connect with her




“Being able to expand on that through podcasting and through making deeper connections with people around the globe really helped me. And I didn’t realize how close to depression I was when I started this thing.” (09:31) (Corinna)

“I really look for people that can help me cover topics that are really near and dear to my heart, but also just that are rooted in making the world a better place and improving awareness around particular issues. Because it’s my firm belief that, as we improve awareness, we’re going to create a more just and equal world.” (18:30) (Corinna)

“I really just have this simple metric I look for. And that’s just, ‘Are they making a social impact about a particular issue or are they driving something that is really focused on sustainability?’ And if either of those aren’t met, I don’t interview them.” (30:53) (Corinna)

“Even if I’m only reaching a small audience, I’m reaching an audience that cares.” (43:34) (Corinna)

“Having a healthy environment to live and breathe in should be the concern of everybody. These are things that should be the rights of each of us. It shouldn’t be politicized.” (54:01) (Corinna)




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