Podcasting 2.0 for July 30th 2021 Episode 48: Heartbreak Hotel

Adam & Dave discuss the week’s developments on with a dive into Value4Value and we welcome Curiocaster developer Steven Bell to the board room!

I’m Adam Curry in the Heart of Hill Country Texas

And In Alabama, My peaceful port in a stormy sea of media madness – My Friend on the Other End — Dave Jones!

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Steven Bell

From Texas

I’m a self taught javascript programmer that enjoys building web apps. If you need someone to work in the San Antonio area, let me know.

How about Hosting interface, like WordPress plugin?

Adam’s Heartbreak – Hosting companies

Why V4V? – Sway with Sridhar Ramaswamy [clip]

Rogan talked about the concept yesterday with Yiannis Pappas [clip]

Mind blown when I heard two veterans Todd and Rob on NMW [clip]

Todd and Rob took the Blue pill sadly [clip]

Another podcast I listened to broke my heart this week, but also inspired me: Podland Sharon Taylor of Omny Studio [clip]

Castos Host video on v4v [clip]

API – to Castos from app. Same goes for Blubrry

Castos $100k?

Castopod fixed!


Fast Follow

Satoshi Faucet

Dupes in the Index


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